December 15, 2017

Cyclones warm-ups, fight shorts and more.......

Don't miss the opportunity to get your very oun Cyclones warm-ups, fight shorts and more....

Cyclones warm-ups and more are available via the online store. It's open NOW and will CLOSE Friday January 5th.

If you are interested in purchasing Cyclones warm-ups, fight shorts, compression tops and more the online store is now open.

Ordering information:

All items have a minimum of 5, except for the sock we need 30 pairs minimum. So hopefully we can meet these.

All order/credit card processing is handled by GO EARN IT, our supplier

So get your order in ASAP

Order window is now open, and closes (January 5th)

Once the order window closes, the combine Cyclones order will go to manufacturing

All items will be received in by Cyclones Wrestling Club and we will notify parents when they are ready to be picked up