The Woodstock Cyclones Wrestling Club is registered through the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for kids that want to learn the sport of wrestling. We will offer a learning atmosphere that is appropriate for all skill levels and experience ranging from the fundamentals and basic rules of the sport to advanced technique for those wrestlers ready to compete at the highest levels.

The Woodstock Cyclones Wrestling Club puts a strong emphasis on the development of young athletes through the sport of wrestling. The foundation of the Woodstock Cyclones Wrestling Club is structured around a value system focused on family, school, sports, and friends. Woodstock Cyclones Wrestling Club has created an environment that fosters mental toughness through drilling of technique, strength training, and conditioning.

We believe wrestling is about goal setting and achievement. We expect our wrestlers to exercise discipline in practice, to compete with intensity and sportsmanship, and to respect their coaches and teammates at all times! We use wrestling as a tool to prepare our athletes for future success in life.

Wrestling is one of the greatest sports there is for helping young kids build their character, develop self confidence, improve discipline, and strengthen their will to succeed. The life skills and success principles that young wrestlers develop while learning to wrestle are very valuable in progressing in life.