Parents Corner

Great Advice for Mom's New to Wrestling:

*Don't laugh the first time you see your son in a singlet.

*Don't make plans from November 1st through March 1st. You'll either be at a match, at a tournament, driving someone somewhere, washing smelly, sweat-soaked clothes, nagging your kid to eat, or selling something.

*Yes, it does cost $100 for shoes that never leave the gym.

*You will save on grocery bills during the wrestling season, but the day season ends have the fridge and pantry stocked. Your child (who counted fluid ounces for months) will eat non-stop for about 72 hours, until his cheekbones disappear again.

*Don't bother the coaches during a match (they're a little high strung). When they come to you after the match, it's not to talk about your wrestler, they just need aspirin or Rolaids.

*Be prepared... tournaments run from sunup to sundown. Don't expect to see the light of day. Bring a cushion to sit on, a book to read, and some snacks. (You might want to hide the snacks... a few wrestlers can devour a package of cookies in nanoseconds.)

*Don't ask me why a fungus is called a worm, but stock up on Tinactin, and make sure your child realizes that jumping in the pool does not count as a shower.

*Diaper pins have become obsolete. (If you are approaching menopause, expect very strange looks when you ask for them).

*When you are out in public with your son, whose face is covered with bruises, don't bother trying to explain to strangers that you didn't put them there.

*I'm not sure who is in charge of weigh-ins, but your child will always have to wrestle someone who is a foot taller and about 10-15 lbs. heavier (and growls). It's a fact.

*If your son is in a headlock, his face is turning purple and he is mouthing the words "I can't breathe", don't run out on the mat... the referee will notice eventually.

*Sit with other moms... it helps to join hands when a mom wants to run out on the mat for an injury... or to attack an official.

*There are a lot of ways wrestlers get points, but even after 10 years I still don't understand how a wrestler gets called for stalling when he is losing.

*As a mother, you will never understand how our gentle, sweet child could possibly love to wrestle... to be stretched and twisted in ways nature never intended... but he does. So be happy when he wins, supportive when he loses, and always have the camcorder batteries charged!