Wrestling 101

How to score a wrestling match!

Match: A match consist of three periods. Each period is 1-2 minutes in length.

Fall: Also called a PIN occurs when any part of both shoulders of either wrestler is held in contact with the mat for a period of at least 2 seconds. A fall is declared by the referee. Whenever a fall occurs, the bout is ended. The fall in wrestling is similar to the knockout in boxing.

Near Fall: When a contestant has control of his opponent and a fall is imminent. The Following conditions must take place: 
Both shoulders or both scapulae (shoulder blades) of the defensive wrestler have touched the mat for less than two seconds, When the defensive wrestler is held in a high bridge or on both elbows, One shoulder is touching the mat and the other is held at a 45 degree angle or less. If any of these positions is held for 2-4 seconds, two point are awarded. Three points are awarded if held for five seconds or more.

Takedown: Each contestant is awarded two points for each takedown he secures. A takedown occurs when a wrestler takes the other down to the mat with control. This maneuver is done from the standing or neutral position.

Escape: One point is awarded to the wrestler who comes out from a down position(disadvantage)and gains a neutral position.

Technical Fall: When a wrestler gains an advantage of 15 or more points than his opponent, the match is stopped and he is awarded a technical fall.

Individual Match Scoring 
Takedown 2 points 
Reversal 2 points 
Escape 1 points 
Near Fall 2 or 3 points 
Rule Infraction 1 or 2 points